Indigenous Art

The Gold Door features authentic art from Africa, Niger, Mexico, Brazil, and many others from all four corners of the Earth.

We sell folk, tribal and devotional art and other irresistible and exotic treasures we find in our travels.  Everything we sell has been hand picked by our knowledgeable and discerning staff.  Our unique inventory of rare and interesting art allows you to travel vicariously through us and to share in our joy of finding that special, the one-of-a-kind artifact that can only be found here..




Mexican Folk Art

Mexican folk art exhibits some of the most powerful examples of human expression and magical realism known. Our collection is seemingly endless, consisting of over 3,000 pieces. Among the works represented you will discover everything from simple, colorful whimsy to our extensive collection representing the Mexican holiday,
Day of the Dead.

Colorful carved wooden masks from the state of Guerero grace our walls. Large papier-mache skeletal figures by the Linares family of Mexico City greet you as you enter The Gold Door. Brightly painted and carved wooden animals from Oaxaca, known as alebrije come in all shapes and sizes. Ceramics from the Aguilar family include their famous "ladies of the night", devils, skeletal and Frida images.

Ever popular is our collection of images of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, famous for her self-portraits, activism and tumultuous but passionate marriage to painter Diego Rivera. You will find a myriad of images of her work on decorated boxes and alters, shrines, purses and jewelry.

The masked Mexican wrestling known as Lucha Libre is a fun yet very serious contemporary folk tradition. Filling arenas twice a week in Mexico City, the champ and newcomers battle it out while performing gravity defying flips and jumps to win a place in the hearts of thousands of fans. We have a large collection of authentic masks, dolls, key rings, wrestling rinks and photos of many Luchadors, all collected at the arenas in Mexico City.


Brazilian Folk Art

Brazil is a mosaic of cultures with indigenous Indian, European and African influences. It is the fifth largest nation in the world with a population of 170,000,000 that speaks Brazilian Portuguese.

The scope of Brazilian folk art is vast and varied. From Amazonia The Gold Door features a wide range of decorative jewelry and accessories made of polished coconut and various tropical seeds as well as a selection of eco-sensitive art including beautiful feathered items.

Handmade musical instruments made of native materials are available. These include the Berimbau, an instrument played during the Brazilian Martial Arts style dance, Capoeira. We also carry rattles, drums and the cuica, a friction drum.

Carved wooden bowls, implements of wood and coconut palm, textiles, fiber masks and tooled leather objects are just some of the items we offer.

We have a selection of contemporary paintings depicting scenes from daily life, Carnaval and Samba. Decorative objects and costume remnants of Brazilian Carnaval are among some of the colorful items from Brazil you'll find at The Gold Door.