Devotional Deities From Around The World


An extension of Hinduism, Buddhism is the dominant religion of eastern and central Asia. Until the believer learns that the world is a complex obstacle preventing them from reaching freedom and enlightenment, their destiny is to repeat the cycle of death and rebirth. Buddhists believe that the only way to be free of this cycle is to rid themselves of desire and give up their sense of self. For thousands of years, this religion has taught humanity, compassion, understanding and selflessness. Millions of people from all over the world believe that Buddhism is the true path to enlightenment.

The Gold Door has a noteworthy representation of Buddhist deities, including Kuan-Yin, derived from Buddhist god Avalokitesvara as a male deity, then transformed over time into a goddess of healing.


Christianity is represented in various forms at The Gold Door, including iconography, jewelry and art. From traditional rosaries and crosses to statuary of saints and Madonnas, you will discover a vast collection of Christian imagery from different countries.

From Mexico, images of Guadalupe, the patron virgin, are available in many forms, from glitzy folk dioramas, to gold and silver leafed statuary and antique retablos which are folk paintings on tin giving thanks for a particular wish granted or miracle received.

Coptic Christian jewelry, icons, bibles and wands from Ethiopia are also available. The collection ranges from new to bibles and prayer books that are several hundred years old. These antique collectors' items are bound in wood with hand written on Thompson Gazelle skin parchment in the archaic language Ge'ez.


The Hindu pantheon is a diverse body of religion, philosophy and cultural practice native predominantly to India. Hindus believe in the Brahman, an infinite principle that had no beginning or end…it is the essence of all existence. Some of their basic beliefs are transmigration (the passing of a soul into another body after death), reincarnation (a cycle of death and rebirth in another form) and karma (the effect of a person's actions that determine their destiny in the next incarnation).

You'll find a diverse array of Hindu statuary at The Gold Door, including the spectacular ones shown to the right of Hanuman, Kali and Ganesh. Our extensive collection also includes Shiva, Durga and Brahma to name just a few. There you'll find Kuan-Yin, the goddess of compassion and healing, Ganesha, god of luck and of "opening the way", Ratnasambhava, deity and protector and Vishnu, preserver of the universe, among other intricately detailed pieces.


Spiritism is a term related to a group of religions based on ancestral deities. Rooted in an ancient system of devotion and ritual communication, it was brought to the Americas by slaves from Africa's west coast. Very much alive today, these belief systems manifest as Santeria in the Caribbean islands.
Orishas such as Yemaya, goddess of the sea and mother of all, Chango, Orisha of lightning, passion and dance, and Oshun, goddess of love and beauty, are a part of everyday life.

In Brazil, Candomble, which resembles Santeria but has several variations such as Umbanda, a more grass roots/urban influenced sect that incorporates slave and Indian spirits, freely melds with Catholocism.
Haitians practice a more free form religion called vodoun (voodoo). Ritual and symbolism are especially important and ceremonies involve brightly sequined "flags", bottles and costumes to help awaken the sleeping lwa (spirit).

The Gold Door prides itself in its collection of sculpture and ritual artifacts representing these world religions. Our offerings are authentic, collected from the source and offered with love at very affordable prices.