Our Jewlery selection includes, but is not limited to, earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and full necklaces set in sterling silver with and without stones. But we do have settings made of wood, glass, gold plate, brass and copper. We carry artists from all over the world including Rob Hair, Mercurious Desings,  and Garry Thompson as well as a variety of South West Native American artists. Our countless pieces come to us in a couple of ways. Always hand picked, we buy pieces already set,  or we buy loose stones, design the piece and have them set for us by artists that we work with in Bali, India, Brazil, or right here in Portland.

We have the largest selection of jewelry in Portland if not in all of the Northwest. The styles we carry are as varied as our sources, inlcuding tribal, comtepmorary, classic simple faceted, industrial, vintage, artisan, Islamic, Arabic, just to name a few. We have an amazing variety of set stones from every corner of the earth, anywhere from Tiger's Eye, to Emeralds, to Amber and even things most have never heard of, like Lybian Desert Glass. Metiorites to lava rock, you name it and we can probably adorn you with it!